Timeless Taste of Kansas City Bar-B-Q

Gates Bar-B-Q is a Kansas City original. Our family restaurant established in 1946, has grown from a single store front at 19th & Vine to a family of six up to date restaurants throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area; all struttin’ the Gates Bar-B-Q unique red roof design and man in full tuxedo top hat, depicting our style.

Over 60 years of excellence, hard work and our family recipe has perpetuated the growth of our sauce line to a family of sauces, all with the distinct flavor found only in Gates Bar-B-Q products.

All our restaurants, sauce products and seasonings serve as a conduit between us and our customers’ satisfaction. The connection of good food; fast, personalized service and an immediate greeting of “Hi, May I Help You?” All act as our trademarks.

Gates will continue in the family tradition and pride ourselves in producing the best Bar-B-Q products possible.